Yeah, We Can Do That.

We Can Make Your Life Easier in Ways You Haven't Even Thought Of.

SGVirtual can help you with the usual stuff… writing a letter, scheduling travel, optimizing your website, etc. But here are a few ideas to illustrate the ways that we can improve you, your business processes and generally make your life easier!

Business Email
Everyone may know you by your personal email address, but do you really want to send that next email estimate or quote as “”? Putting your “best (business) foot forward” begins with a professional email address. It’s easier than you may know!

Applying for a job or hoping to land a new client?
Potential employers or clients are checking you out online. Let us find those pictures of your drunken self in your underwear before your new boss does! (reputation management)

Putting the best “you” forward
Speaking of landing a new job, is your resume “on point”? Is relevant training and experience listed? Are the spelling, punctuation and tenses correct? We can help!

App integration saves time and money
Verify I-9, LLC, an E-Verify Employer Agent, receives service requests through its WordPress web site. We created a process whereby the new client’s contact info is added to seven different GSuites email accounts; a contact is created in their Xero accounting app (an invoice is also created); a half-dozen emails are sent for various purposes; linked files are uploaded to Dropbox; the service request is automatically entered into Trello for tracking; and the assigned personnel are notified about the new task in Slack. All of this happens automatically, in seconds. Oh, yeah… the associated payment is also processed in Stripe or Paypal with the payment automatically posted to the invoice, and the new deal is announced on Facebook! (business processes)

Can your potential customers contact you?
The most beautiful web site in the world is useless if potential clients cannot contact you easily. Every site needs a contact form to collect and structure inquiries. If your “contact us” page simply lists a phone number and/or an email address, you’re hurting your bottom line. (Our site has a contact form; in fact, the entire services page is a contact form!) (web site)

Form I-9 for remote hires
Has your new employer sent you “into the wild” to complete Form I-9 on your own? We can handle it… after all, we’re friends with the Form I-9 pros!

Up against a term paper or dissertation deadline?
College students… You’re going to achieve great things as a world or corporate leader… why not, as your first “executive decision,” hire us to type, edit or proofread your paper? We’ve proofread law books for one of the biggest legal publishers in the country… we can help you shine!

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