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Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant offers many benefits, both to the bottom line and to your peace of mind.

Virtual admins save money

At the top of the list of reasons to hire a virtual assistant, a virtual admin saves money. We work for you as an independent contractor, which means that you pay us to complete tasks. We are responsible for benefits, tax withholding, etc., not you. When we’re not working for you, we cost your business nothing.

Time is money. Save money by hiring a virtual assistant. Stopwatch

More money means more growth

Growth requires money. By hiring a virtual assistant, you reduce your capital needs, which frees up cash for other purposes. You can lower your costs while simultaneously building your team, increasing the value of the work produced per dollar spent.

Time is your gold mine

Successful businesses recognize that time is their best asset. Without the time to think strategically, forge new relationships and develop new ideas, you have a business that cannot grow no matter how much work you put in. Entrepreneurs who spend their days locked in low-level administrative tasks like email management and customer support are severely hampering the growth of their business.

To reclaim your time, you must hire people and leverage process automation, where possible. But hiring on-site staff, who require management and training, can actually work against business growth. It’s a “Catch-22” that many entrepreneurs face.

Entrepreneurs who spend their days locked in low-level administrative tasks hamper the growth of their business.

A virtual assistance agency, especially one like SGVirtual with multi-faceted expertise, can solve the labor problem for you, allowing you to move your business forward.

Maintaining the “growth mindset”

Has your “to do” list grown so long that you have become scattered and overwhelmed? (You do have a “to do” list, right?) Delegating mundane tasks to a reliable virtual assistant can help you avoid losing focus on your main job, growing your business… and you’ll actually get stuff done!

Your sanity is important to your entrepreneurial success. Hire SGVirtual as your virtual admin and stay sane!

The Most Common Tasks Delegated to a Virtual Assistant:

  • Administrative support for multiple executives and managers;
  • Receptionist tasks such as fielding telephone calls and managing schedules;
  • Responding to and routing emails for easier management;
  • Word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations;
  • Organizing your Dropbox and Google Drive folders;
  • Internet research;
  • Data entry;
  • Responding to customer questions and website inquiries;
  • Creating email responses or FAQs;
  • Maintaining lines of communication with long-term clients;
  • Dealing with complaints or requests for refunds or discounts;
  • Creating welcome packets for new customers.

See more of the tasks that we can accomplish for you here.

Streamline your business operations

Well-documented processes and systems, automated where beneficial, promotes efficiency and professionalism. If you do not yet have these processes in place, we can help!

It doesn’t help you if you can reach your virtual admin only by phone, or only during business hours. But SGVirtual doesn’t do virtual administration like everyone else.

Here’s a thought… what if you could maintain your “to do” list, assign tasks to your virtual assistant, collaborate with your assistant on ongoing tasks, monitor leads coming in from your web site, and more… all from an app on your smartphone? It’s easier than you think!

Improve services by understanding your market and your customers

Your business environment and markets are always changing, and a business will stagnate and die if it does not understand and respond to the changes. Monitoring your business environment, watching your competitors’ activities on social media, gathering feedback from current clients, staying abreast of industry news… all are necessary for a successful business.

But monitoring trends takes time and energy that you don’t have, making it the perfect task to outsource to your virtual assistant. SGVirtual can gather the data that you need to make sound business decisions.

Boost your bottom line… make SGVirtual your partner today!